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Little Free Library


Nikki Leali with Little Free Library.

Inspiration comes in all shapes and sizes. We know that from HOBY. Today, it comes in the form of an 8-year-old girl from New Orleans.

When Nikki Leali and her family discovered that 44 percent of residents in New Orleans are illiterate – many never even owning a book – they decided something had to be done.

Leali applied and received a grant from a local church and recruited the local Boy Scout troop to help build a library in her front yard. Little Free Library is a nonprofit organization with the motto, “Take a Book. Return a Book.” The library gets up to 100 visitors a day with about 50 books a week in stock throughout the week.

Leali saw a problem and decided to do something about it, creating a story we can all learn a lesson from. It may be a little library, but the opportunities now created for others in the community are endless all thanks to a little girl with a big heart.

Click here to read more, and then comment below and tell us about a time you or someone you know inspired a community.

Training for Life

A large part of HOBY involves teaching ambassadors not what to think, but how to think. That includes training, which will provide them with tools to to be successful when faced with different, sometimes strange, situations.

Emergency Communications Center dispatchers across the country are put into leadership roles when faced with problems from callers — both emergency and non-emergency. There are many 911 calls resulting in no response or a hung-up phone. It is then a dispatcher’s job to report it, call back and make sure everything is okay.

david-2-e1418984083448In Salt Lake Valley, dispatchers reported around 4,000 calls in one week all from the same
number. Instead of dispatchers issuing a citation, they took charge and researched the origin of the calls. It turned out to be a misunderstanding with a special-needs man, David, and his wish to listen to music on an old cell phone.

After discovering David’s phone was taken away, dispatchers decided to then pool money and purchase an iPod for the man, solving both his problem and their own.

Read the full story here, and share a time you or someone you know took charge as a problem solver.

Quick to Judge

William "Bill" CrawfordLeadership comes in all forms. During HOBY, we are taught and reminded to never judge someone before talking to them. You don’t know a person’s true story until you ask.

This man, Mr. William “Bill” Crawford, worked as a humble janitor for almost 10 years at the Air Force Academy before a cadet discovered his true identity.

Crawford reminds us of a few key values of leaders through his unique story.

Respect should be given to all, no matter their “label.” Crawford may have been just a janitor, but he was also a part of the academy and contributed to the well-being of all around. No matter the life history, no job is beneath anyone.

Humbleness is always noticed, and credited. The humble leaders and heroes, like Crawford, seem to have the important life lessons under their belt. They can teach a thing or 2 when you need it most.

Check out Bill’s full story, and let us know what you learned or were reminded of about leadership.