Registration for 2018 Is Open!

Registration is now open for our 2018 seminar which will take place at the University of Rochester from June 1-3, 2018.


Core Curriculum

HOBY’s focus is on teaching and exploring the Social Change Model of Leadership. The Social Change Model of Leadership is based on the following premises:

  • Leadership is viewed as a process rather than a position.
  • Participatory leadership enhances student learning and development.
  • Leadership competence is achieved through collaborative learning.
  • Service is a powerful tool for developing student leadership capabilities.

The seminar consists of four main phases, three of which are dedicated to learning about the key facets of leadership (personal, group and societal) while the fourth facet focuses on putting our leadership learning to action via a service project.

The Social Change Model focuses on the “Seven Cs” – seven core values – which are essential to the study of leadership. These seven Cs all work towards the models overarching vision of the hidden C – “Change.” Each of these values connects to one of HOBY’s three phases of leadership below:

HOBY Phase 1: Personal Leadership – Activities to develop personal leadership qualities

  • Consciousness of Self and Others
  • Congruency
  • Commitment

HOBY Phase 2: Group Leadership – Activities to foster collaborative leadership skills

  • Collaboration
  • Common Purpose
  • Controversy with Civility

HOBY Phase 3: Society Leadership – Activities focused on identifying the responsibility of, and opportunities for, a leader to contribute to positive change in society

  • Citizenship

Schedule of Events

Each leadership phase (described above) includes a preliminary session to explore the learning goals for the phase, a panel-driven session lead by community leaders and an activity designed to reinforce the learning objectives of the phase. To view the schedule of events for our 2017 seminar, please click here or check out our 2017 video yearbook below!