The New York State Corporate Board oversees the planning and activity of the HOBY seminars in New York state. In addition to assisting with planning  and program delivery, the state board also works to help with potential fundraising from state-wide partners. If you are interested in participating with HOBY New York West at a state level, please contact us for more information.

Name Site Title Term End
John Swartwout President 2018
Melissa Maxwell  NYW Vice President 2018
Barbara Bianchi  NYW Secretary 2017
Ron Vero Treasurer 2018
Mike Perry CLeW Director 2018
Jim McAleese Board Member 2017
Amanda Walshjamin Board Member 2017
Michael Falkenburg Board Member 2017
Shelley Laviana Board Member 2016
Amber Przybysz  NYW Board Member 2016
VACANT Board Member
VACANT Board Member
Emily Ciraolo NYW Co-Leadership Seminar Chairperson 2017
Julie Williams NYW Co-Leadership Seminar Chairperson 2017
Erin Hodge NYW Alumni Advisor 2017
VACANT NYW Site Board Member 2018
R.J. Mattimore NYC Leadership Seminar Chairperson 2017
Andrew Matteson NYC Alumni Advisor 2017
Kevin Matteson NYC Site Board Member 2018
Heather Robison NYC Site Board Member 2017
Erin Dorozynski NYE Leadership Seminar Chairperson 2017
Elissa Prout NYE Co-Alumni Advisor 2017
Maggie Schields NYE Co-Alumni Advisor 2017
Natasha Gushin NYE Site Board Member 2017
Micky Weller NYM Co-Leadership Seminar Chairperson 2017
Swati Doshi NYM Co-Leadership Seminar Chairperson 2017
VACANT NYM Alumni Advisor 2017
Gabrielle Postiglione NYM Site Board Member 2017


To view the board’s bylaws, please click here (PDF).