Christian’s Story

Who doesn't love HOBY selfies?

Who doesn’t love HOBY selfies?

HOBY: one of the most intellectually stimulating experiences you can have in your life. The friends you make forever, the ambassadors who always inspire you, and a chance for growth and reflection in your own life. Volunteering now for my fifth year with HOBY, it was yet again an overwhelming success. New York West has put on a conference that is one to be nothing but proud of. This year I took on the role of a facilitator for a group of students from all over Western New York. From this lens I was able to lead my students in life changing discussion, as well as demonstrate to them HOBY is a family that will always be here for you! Every single one of my ambassadors loved the conference and have demonstrated interest in returning to volunteer next year. They loved every part from creating a SMART goal to better their own communities to a career dinner that inspired many to pursue a certain profession. Each individual brought their own talents to create a group that I will never forget! One of the last things I told my ambassadors was HOBY is never over. I hope just like myself, my wonderful group knows where they will be next year during HOBY!

-Christian Bryant, ’12
Perry Jr./Sr. High School